How much time should be devoted to playing online poker, and how much to learning?

The average beginner does not even roughly understand how much time you need to devote to playing online poker texas, and how much to spend on learning. Which will also require a lot of time and resources. These and many other questions are asked almost all the time.

How much time should be devoted to playing poker games online, and how much to learning?

Next, you will find out how much time you need to devote to poker in the theoretical and practical parts. And what will depend on it if you plan to enter the class of premium and professional players.

Tri Nguyen's opinion on online poker real money

According to this person, the formula is quite universal and will be clear to every novice player. This simple formula boils down to this:
Learn in periods of stagnation, practice at your peak.
What Tri Nguyen wanted to say with this passage. So how much time to spend learning poker? This is where the main trick lies. It's not so much the number of hours. How much is how efficiently they are spent. Or vice versa: very inefficient. Yes, it will be quite difficult to call this strategy optimal. But this is one of the best options for the vast majority of players.
T. Nguyen believes that if he manages to maintain the level of previous productivity, then he simply remains inside the game and does not leave it. For example, if his opponent gets a supply of coolers. Nguyen rides over opponents like a skating rink on a pavement, and hits the most painful point, sending the entire table into a state of tilt.
Nguyen is not used to spending all his free time on just studying. He believes that you should just enjoy your life and play poker on best online poker sites. More, in his opinion, there is nothing to do and it makes no sense: I just live how I want. Why should I spend all my time studying? Yes, if I have a little time to study, then I will still start talking about regulars and donks. It is about those whom I can definitely beat and leave without the last dollar in my pocket.